Which SEO Consultant ?

Which SEO Consultant ?

Choosing a SEO Consultant

With so many dodgy SEO Consultants out there I can appreciate that it must be very difficult to decide on which SEO consultant to trust the success of your website to.

How to decide which SEO to use:
A good start is to ask yourself, how did you find the SEO consultant you are contemplating ?

Who made first contact ?
Did they contact you, either by cold calling or sending you e-mail spam ?

Or did you contact them ?
If they contacted you then I would suggest avoiding them. I’m not suggesting that every SEO consultant that cold calls are dodgy, it’s just that it is a good indicator that they are not receiving enough clients from their own website via Google’s organic results.

If you contacted them because you found their website top of Google’s search results, then there’s a good chance that they will be able to do the same for your website, get it top of Google for your relevant keywords.

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