Relevant Quality Links

Relevant Quality Links

Relevant Links and Quality LInks.

If you have researched link building then you would have come across two words that always crop up: Relevant Links and Quality Links.

Relevant and Quality are two kinds of links that always get mentioned.
But what do they mean exactly ?

If you asked any SEO Company to explain in simple terms what they mean by a Relevant Link or a Quality Link and then ask them to show you a relevant and quality link that they have set up for one of their clients they probably would not be able too.

Relevant and Quality links are easier terms to sell than just links.

A lot of SEO Companies use these terms because they sound good ! They do not really understand what they mean (if anything).

Let’s take a look at them:

Relevant Link:
Presumably this means that the link comes from another website similar to your website.

Quality Link:
Presumably this means that the link comes from another website that Google considers to be a good website.

To prove that most SEO Companies do not stick to the above theory you will find that a lot of them link to their own website from their clients websites, using link text something like: SEO by This SEO Company.

Now how is that a relevant link when it goes to a SEO Company website from a Plumbers website, a Limousine Hire website or a Dating website ?

Just look at any website that has a reciprocal links page, you will see that not all the links from this page go to another website selling exactly the same product or supplying the exact same service.

The terms Relevant Link and Quality Link are meaningless really.

The most important thing to remember about links going to your website is that they must not come from another website that is either Banned or Blacklisted by Google…As long as you stick to that criteria you will not go wrong.

Myles Bradley…Google SEO Consultant.

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